10 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Sumba Island

Unlike Bali and Lombok, Sumba Island has not been much explored by tourists. The island located in East Nusa Tenggara Province and rich with natural beauty of white sandy beaches, lakes, traditional villages which untouched technology, and other unique characteristic of Sumbanese people.

The following photos will probably bring your adventurous instinct to immediately go to Sumba Island.

One of the most beautiful lake in Sumba is Wekuri Lake
Crystal clear blue water in Wekuri Lake
Infinity pool in Tarimbang East Sumba
Lapopu Waterfall in West Sumba
A traditional tiny boat in Mandorak Beach, Northwest Sumba
A traditional Sumba home in Mandorak Beach
One of many beautiful landscape in West Sumba
A giant hole-rock in Buana Beach
Playing with local children at Wairinding Hills
Tarimbang beach also perfect spot for surfers
A playground in Tarimbang Beach
White sand beach in Walakiri, East Sumba
Hammocking at Walakiri Beach in East Sumba
Another beautiful view in East Sumba
A place where you can relax all day and night
A silent road in Purukambera
Purukambera is just another beautiful landscape of East Sumba
Beach time, anyone?
A traditional village in East Sumba
Playing kites in Walakiri beach
You can see horses almost anywhere in Sumba
Traditional Sumbanese clothes
Work from Sumba, anyone?
Beautiful sunset view from Walakiri Beach
Another sunset view at Walakiri

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