The Exotic Art Street of Haji Lane in Singapore

Sight seeing in Singapore is not just look into the skyscraper buildings only. You can visit Haji Lane for spotting a more contemporary traditional look shops and restaurants with the blend of many cultures.

A trip to Haji Lane is all about the experience. Any photo you take in Haji Lane is Instagram-able. The fun vibe and picturesque sights are usually enough to make for an enjoyable time in Haji Lane.

Here I feel like entering a different world as soon as stepping my foot in the alley. In stark contrast to the gleaming modernity of nearby Bugis Junction, everything here, from the Peranakan architecture to the vintage letterboxes that dot the shopfronts, sings of old-world charm.

Haji Lane Singapore

When you walk in to the Street, the first thing you can see is an art. Wall full of murals dan some cafe along the hallway. Some shops sell clothes, souvenirs, bakery etc. The other side of Arab street, many middle eastern restaurant with fancy decoration and unique design. And at the end of street, there is Sultan Mosque with amazing view.

Haji Lane Singapore

The shophouses of Haji Lane have a history no less interesting than the stores they house now. In the 60s and 70s, the area provided lodging for poor Malay families, and also gave shelter to pilgrims on their annual pilgrimage to Mecca. And that’s where the name of the street has its roots. “Haji” is the Malay word for a Muslim man who’s completed a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane Singapore

In the afternoon, the street is usually filled with fashionistas looking for exotic products of the kind impossible to find in conventional shopping malls

It’s an incredible transformation for a lane that pretty much languished, forgotten, just a decade ago. Now, while the narrow, unmarked entrance to this little alley remains as unassuming as ever, you can hardly call Haji Lane the hidden gem of Singapore anymore.

Haji Lane Singapore

Getting there

The nearest MRT station is Bugis, take the exit that goes to Raffles Hospital. Cross the street, see Sultan Mosque, Haji Lane can be reached within 10 min walk from there, towards Bussorrah Street.

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