Manjarite Beach, a Perfect Snorkeling Spot Near Labuan Bajo

Manjarite Beach – some called it Manjerite, or Menjerite, up to you to spell it anyway… is literally not an island, since it was part of Flores Island itself.

The location of Manjarite is about an hour from Labuan Bajo, you can reach it by motorbike with broken road, even Google Maps didn’t recognise it, but it’s easier to reach Manjarite by boat, it’s only five to ten minutes from Kanawa Island.

There is a small and long wooden pier there, almost 300 meters long. The beach is uninhabited and privately owned by multinational hotel corporate.

There is a clear, greenish shallow beach, with a depth of about 3-5 meters. Shallow water with minimum waves, making this location a perfect spot for easy snorkeling or relaxing on the boat, enjoying the scenery while our crew prepares lunch and refreshments. From the top, you can see the bottom full of various colorful fishes such as clownfish, scorpionfish, angelfish and even blue ribbon eels.

Location on the Google Maps.

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